Welcome to VA! Since launching this project, I'm thrilled to have to helped some of the most brilliant, undiscovered, talented artists out there show and sell their works. Today, VA is working on expanding its scope and becoming a bi-coastal brand. Change is on the horizon, and I'm excited to meet new talent and foster new opportunities—so stay tuned!

About VA

When the economy collapsed a few years ago, there was a great deal of fear running through the art world. At the time I was working at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and even the premiere art institution in the United States was not immune to the art world's fears of the downturn's repurcussions. We live in a country where funding the arts has been pushed to the fringes of society's priorities. Arts programs are often the first to be cut at schools and raising money, even for the largest of art institutions, is a daily challenge.

The interesting thing about any time of uncertainty in the world is that it is usually the creative individuals, the artists, who find a way to turn a mirror on the world and show us perspectives we have not seen or previously considered. Great art historically has always followed periods of crisis. The good to come out of this uncertain time is the realization that we are on the verge of seeing innovative, creative thinkers emerge to show us their take on the world, not through quantitative means, but through visual means. Perhaps now, more than ever, we desire this fresh perspective. I believe a great time for the recognition of the arts' importance is upon us.

I will work hard for what I believe in. That is and has always been me. I am loyal, hardworking, and relentless--qualities that are essential in this business. Should you decide to work with me, you will find that these are also the qualities that will get your work shown and sold.

Please visit the About Me page for information about my background. Please see the Artists page for a list of artists I am currently representing.

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